Cheap accommodation – How to get the best price

Quality Cheap Accommodation can be found.

You just need to understand what pushes your price up and help avoid that. Help the host provide cheap accommodation by booking direct. Find a place that looks good and then Google Search the property name. They may very well have their own website – like I do  – and you can save yourself money which allows them to keep costs down.

Everyone is looking for value for money. By booking direct you are more likely to get the best price or “the little extras” which are so nice to receive.  The chocolate on the bed, the hand made soaps etc. Most guests do not realise that when you book through Expedia or any other third party provider it pushes prices Up not Down.

One commentator from the Tourism industry had this to say after Expedia announced they were not going to pass on the customers information.

“The 12% – 15% OTA’s charge accommodation providers ends up being footed by the traveller. Booking direct will help accommodation keep prices down;
Expedia and Agoda do not supply phone or email information which prevents accommodation from contacting the client on important matters such as fire and flood and highways;
By withholding guest phone and email information, Expedia and Agoda lower the quality of accommodations’ service to guests. They do this by  hampering communication on dietary requirements, restaurant advice, expected weather, restaurant booking service etc;
So, if you want the best service and you respect your actual hosts… book direct!!!”
I think ABC’s  The Checkout  tells it well all in an amusing manner. Enjoy

So if you want cheap accommodation or simply the best price avaibale don’t hesitate to ask the host and let them know you will book direct.




McCarthy Lake house provides a wonderful garden enviroment with a very homely atmosphere. BBQ’s swimming pool etc are all vailable to my guests and all for under $150 per night. Other than caravan parks and hotel/motels you will not find cheaper accommodation in Maleny and I hope to keep it that way.


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