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Chook house McCarthy Lake House Maleny

Farm Accommodation Needs Hens

Farm accommodation was such a joy for me as a child

Not that McCarthy Lake House is a farm but it has that rural feel to it and farm accommodation has to include Chooks –  Right! I’m looking for people to help me achieve a dream …  as small as it is?

It is so exciting to be able to tick off the different property projects as they slowly become a reality. My next project is My Girls – the Hens. Fresh eggs for myself and my family, friends  & guests. Micro farm accommodation with chooks clucking 🙂

The whole mico sustainability of my property is slowly coming together.

I can not remember when I did not want to have chickens.
They seem to epitomise for me the whole

  • “down to earth”
  • “back to nature”
  • “slow down and smell the roses”  style of living.  Now the Time is Right.

I now have my bee hives in place and my beautiful vegy garden has just been established and so to complete the trifecta it is time for My Girls. The Hens.  But wait – they need somewhere to live.  This is the reason for this “Hey, do you want to Help Me ” shout out.

For some of us  money can be a limiting factor and I have been dreaming about how I can make this Chicken Coop for my girls happen sooner rather than later. And then I had a light bulb moment.

I have decided to Crowd Fund for the $1000 !!

HA HA True Story. Why not ask others to help me achieve this humble dream. Kick start the set up.

Just so you know – I am an absolute novice at all this – both Chickens and Crowd Funding.

I know my family are going to ask “What do you want for your birthday Mum?”  but then I thought there might be some others who would pop $10 or $20 dollars in the plate  – especially if I was able to give them a reward for supporting me to get started.

What if I allowed my neighbours and locals to come and have some fresh eggs, or better still , bring their grand kids when they are on holiday to come and Collect the Eggs all using the Crowd Funding Reward concept?  An advance payment on guaranteed fresh eggs that allows me to get started:-)

The reward choices seem obvious – Fresh Eggs,  or.  given I am a guest house – Accommodation as well

So then I did my research about using the crowd funding platforms.  They seem pretty good – but they all take a percentage 🙁
Given my day job  it just seemed obvious for me to set it up directly on my website.

So the rewards would be as follows based on a figure of $5 a dozen of absolutely fresh eggs  …  I have no idea how I know what size The Girls will produce !

  • $5 Contribution – 1 dozen eggs
  • $20 Contribution – 4 dozen eggs
  • $50 Contribution – 10 dozen eggs

Note: the timing of delivery of the rewards are subject to availability of course but the reward token would not expire.

You Can Contribute Here

or a

Mid week  accommodation (subject to availability) at a very special rate of $100 per night

You can book here

or just do a direct deposit and tell me what you want

 Jennifer Perri
ANZ Bank
BSB  014 645
Account 2168 48238

Note: the timing of delivery of all the rewards are subject to availability of course but the reward token would not expire.

 The Hen House

I have been talking about my hen house for a long time to all and sundry and so ( as usual) I got chatting to one of my house guests  – Thank you Pat – who had been designing her own hen house. She pointed me in the direction of this wonderful product.

Chook house McCarthy lake House Maleny Farm accommodation

I was impressed with the fact I can move it around and it seems very easy to clean and it is SAFE. We do have foxes and things here. I also like the fact it was up off the ground, after all this is Rainy Maleny.

Initially I was looking at the  Eglu Go  but the reviews lead me to believe the Eglu Go UP was the better option even though it was more expensive. With the Extended run and delivery I am looking at approx $1000

and then of course I need to buy my girls and what ever else they need but that’s once I have their little home all ready.  If I can crowd fund for the Chicken Coop I will be off and running.

Choosing the right Hens

I have been looking at different types of hens and I felt the characteristics I wanted were:

  • Friendly, if my guests are going to enjoy the farm accommodation aspect.
  • Hardy ( a must when they are dealing with a beginner owner) ,
  • Egg laying – of course and
  • Will get on with Jasper the cat.

These are the ones I thought fit the criteria best – would love to hear any comments from people with experience.

of course there are always the really cute ones like these guys  but not sure they lay eggs .

Silk Battams Farm accommodation

Farm Accommodation on a mini scale

Ideally over time the property will be like an old fashioned farmlet.  I would even LOVE to fish in the lake – but that is a whole different project.



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