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Becoming a Guest House – A Year in Review

My first year of being a Guest House.

Buying a property and transforming it into a guest house has been a wonderful challenge and exciting journey.

Of course it is not over yet – actually I still feel like I am just getting started.

A big thank you to all my guests that have been part of this first year.  I would not have gotten this far without you.

Thank you fom the bottom of my heart.


Of course you can’t help to reflect what has happened in that time.

First house guests: Australia day weekend. Was I ready for them. An absolute  NO!

The weather was abysmal and the day they were arriving the bedroom ceiling started pouring in water.

Thanks to Tim Clark emergency tarps were quickly installed across the roof which blocked out the sky lights in the hall way and bedroom  making them dark but at least it stopped the leak.

Remove hot water service, replace the roofing, replace the hot water ,repair the ceilings and do away with the tarps – this process actually took over a month.



February  Floods will the guest .

house be locked in?

I was not sure the guests would get back out once they got in.  I bought emergency BBQ packs just in case.  Everyone in the guesthouse  were here for weddings. 3 couples were able to go to theirs and enjoy a wonderful time and when it was time to come home the water had resided.

The 4th couple unfortunately their wedding was cancelled.

A good case for Wedding Insurance – Yes! Wedding insurance does actually exist!!

Accommodation maleny McCarthy Road opposite Maleny Dairies
Maleny Dairies is directly across the road from McCarthy Lake House


Trees down

Trees Milled


New flooring

I could not decide what was the best direction to go in.  I am originally a Victorian and most bedrooms in the southern state have carpert.  But in Queensland I see a lot of polished timber floors and rugs as well.

Budget is – carpet? vinyl, timber, such a hard decision. I finally went with high quality and high acoustic vinyl.


New double bed couch

Paving to the back door



12th August 2015 – Removing the Carpet that has been down for 20 years

I had lived in the house


21st August 2015 – Removing the Gazebo from the Lake

Two before shots

Maleny Accommodation On the Lake P1000928


3 awesome men spent a whole day in the lake winching and pulling apart the gazebo, and removing all the logs, sheets of old rusty corrigated iron and then finally the 44 gallon drums filled with concrete that has the support poles in them.  Such a big effort.



Click to enlarge the images in this gallery

September  – new wood shed and lof splitting

One of the plans for my guesthouse is to have n open fire in the lounge area.


November New door through from bathroom to laundry


Replace the lighting –

December Out with the curtains in with plantation shutters

21st December 2015 – Clearing the Lake









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