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McCarthy Lake House No Dig Garden

Organic Garden Workshop – the No Dig Type – Sustainable Accommodation

Sustainable Accommodation

Organic Garden Workshop – the No Dig Type

What a fabulous day we had with Gary fom Kookaburra Organics. He came and ran a “No Dig” Organic Garden Workshop at McCarthy Lake House.  All part of moving towards more sustainable accommodation.  It was lovely too to see some of my house guests join in. Everyone benefitted from the wonderful knowledge that Gary imparted.

The well attended workshop certainly made light work of the labour.  As you can see the patch went

From this

No Dig Garden- Before :Maleny Accommodation
The bare dirt before the No Dig Garden Workshop


To This:

In just a few hours:

McCarthy Lake House No Dig Garden
The Finished Garden – beans, marigold, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sweet potatoes, lettuce, kale, spring onions, Bo choi, pok choi and some other “choi’ – this is all very new to me !

It was a very informative day covering such a wide range of topics including

  • where and what to buy as your source product  and seeds
  • cost effective and environmentally friendly pest control
  • understanding  what to plant and when
  • and then of course the practical experience of actually “doing it”.

There was also a stall where the class could purchase many of the quality products discussed.

We were also very fortunate to have  Paula from Adopt a Bee Hive doing maintenace to my bee hives. She talked the class through what is involved in having your own hives. And, she showed them how to swap a bottom box over.

Gary and Paula have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them and I would highly recommend if anyone can get the chance to listen to them speak – take the opportunity!!


The No Dig Organic Garden

Learning about Beehive Maintenance

Paula from Adopt a Beehive took the opportunity to explain some of the basics of beehives and showed the students how she replaces a box that was already populated.

I was very heartened to hear they are growing in numbers as well as bringing pollen back to the hives. Soon I will have jars of honey for sale.


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